Real Haunted Hotels

Ever stayed at a real haunted hotel? I have stayed at one or two, but unfortunately I had no paranormal encounters whatsoever. I love the thought of being able to stay at a hotel with a spooky history. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. It’s like wanting to encounter something, but at the same time being terrified that you will.

We read about and researched a ton of real haunted hotels. There are so many tragic, frightening and fascinating stories out there. The reading and research will continue…

Here are a few of our favorites:

Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, CA

The ghostly presence of a lady named Kate is said to linger in the hotel, mainly confined to room 3502, but strange things have occurred in rooms 3505 and 3312 as well. Witnesses have reported an apparition in a black lace dress, hearing strange choking noises, unexplained footsteps and cold spots. Guest have also reported objects disappearing or moving on their own. Read More

Ione Hotel, Ione, CA

Guests have reported encountering a floating dark shadow passing through the rooms of the second floor of this modest hotel. Clouds of etheric vapor have appeared in the dining room, where candles have been known to relight themselves. Read More

Julian Hotel – Julian, CA

The hotel spirits are an older couple who loved the place so much they didn’t want to leave. They most often appear in the upstairs rooms, where lace doilies and furniture get mysteriously rearranged. Read More